All Things Botox Treatment Before Having One

02 Jul

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror when you smile or laugh and see character lines around your eyes? Are there lines found between your eyebrows and/or in your forehead? All of these lines that you see are just a normal occurrence of aging. Even so, what must you do if you do not want other people to know your age because of all of these age lines? Thankfully, you have this so-called Botox treatment as a way to get rid of them even for just a certain amount of time. For more info. about Botox treatments, you can read more here.

What is there to expect during sessions of Botox treatments?

Botox Injectables are never painful and are very simple. One session can last 20 minutes all depending on the total number of injections that are required on you. Generally, injections will be given around your crow's feet, between your eyebrows, and some furrows found in your forehead. To receive legitimate and reliable Botox treatment injections, you have to find a person that has a Botox certification to do the treatment procedure to you.

Where your injections will be done will have to depend on the points that have been marked by the doctor using a marking pencil. Such points are not placed directly on the wrinkle or line you want eliminated. Usually, they will be pointed and injected on parts of your face where your facial muscles contract. After all markings are done, to numb any pain that you might get from the Botox treatment, a topical anesthesia will be used. Just below your skin, you can expect that the doctor will be injecting the Botox on the points that have been marked. You may be able to feel a slight prick to your injection points or not feel any pain at all. Learn more about cosmetic at this website

Things to do after the Botox treatment procedure

After one to two hours of your Botox treatment, you have to make sure to keep your treated muscles moving. You can get them moving by practicing raising your eyebrows, frowning, as well as squinting. Having these exercises done will ensure to have the Botox injections better get into your muscles. Despite the fact that doing all of these things can be of help, when you cannot find the time to do them or just forget them, the results of your Botox treatment will not be undesirable at all.

Avoid massaging or rubbing the areas that have just been treated with Botox. Never do strenuous activities like heavy lifting and yoga four hours after your Botox treatment procedure. To avoid getting temporary bruising from the Botox treatment procedure, avoid taking a sauna or having a facial done four hours after the procedure, read more here!

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